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We love to know how happy you are with using the app. Version 2 comes with beautifully color coded birth charts and fabulous features for learning about interpreting Four Pillars of Destiny Ba zi Charts. We have added easy Commentaries to each of the one hundred Life Readings. Each life reading is conveniently divided into sections for the Stars, the Poetic Life Reading and the Commentary.

Tap on the section you want to read. The new features for interpreting charts are free. Scroll down to the end of the Four Pillars Calculator to tap the 'Analyse Chart' button to reach the exciting new screens. In the 'Elements and Spirits' screen you tap on each part of the chart to find out what the color codes mean.


It's so handy for you to do lots of readings for clients with all these new and fantastic features. You will love this new and improved version! Chinese Destiny Stars Astrology. Feng Shui Research Center Ltd. Lista de desejos. Ver Requisitos de Sistema. Mostrar Mais. Teste de Diabete Blood Sugar Rated 1 out of 5 stars.

Snap photo Filters Stickers Free. Face Funny Changer Free. Stepcounter Live Free. Recorder Ones Free. Amazingly fast and accurate app for creating Four Pillars Ba zi charts with solar time. Gorgeously effortless and easy to use. Cleverly tap the world map to find birth place, or one simple tap to set from current location. Makes sure you get solar time and an accurate chart. Be with the trendsetters. You will love using this new and exciting app! Beautiful color coded birth charts and lovely luck pillars throughout the app. Attractive presentation of gorgeous screens to wow your clients and friends.

Solar time shown beneath the Four Pillars charts means you can quickly spot if you need to check two charts.

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The life readings in the app help you pick the correct hour pillar. Unique and uncannily accurate life readings in-app purchase from the celebrated and charismatic Chinese sage, Master Ghost Valley, brought to the English speaking world for the first time. One hundred fantastic 'Done for You' life readings written in lyrical English verse, translated from the famous book by Master Ghost Valley.

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Get a flavor of mystical Chinese wisdom in a fresh format. Inside each inspiring life reading there are the Stars, Poetic Life Reading in luck verses and Commentaries. Brilliant predictions for your fate and fortune from the magnificent Stars and delightful Destiny Numerals from your year and hour of birth. The app works it all out for you, in seconds. Enjoy the one hundred inspiring life readings in-app purchase online or offline.

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Engrossing notes on the lifestyles, values and the role of luck in the fascinating historical world of ancient China. Step into the rich and opulent past of the court of the emperors. Easy and pleasurable to use: a few taps to enter place of birth, date and time of birth to get a colorful chart with luck pillars. Tap into the wealth of wisdom from the Stars and Destiny Numerals. Super start to learn about the fantastic Four Pillars of Destiny.

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Sections on five elements, yin and yang, heavenly stems and earthly branches, elements and spirits, luck and annual pillars. Wealth, fame, fortune, authority, success, love, romance, relationships and children are in your chart - tap to find them and see it for yourself. Find the 'Elements and Spirits' by tapping on your color-coded chart and getting instant answers.

Attractive screens for scrolling through luck pillars, in decades and years. You can see at a glance all the great luck that is coming to you, or your clients in the future. Quick and easy access to records of birth info saved by you. Open a profile pull up a vivid chart and read the lovely life readings again and again.

Inspiring lifetime horoscopes, a lot more exciting than zodiac animal signs. Step up from the popular animal astrology and enter into the wonderful world of the Four Pillars of Destiny.

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Mysterious hexagrams from I-Ching Yijing add something enigmatic in each marvelous life reading. Is there some secret code? Will you make a name by being the one to crack it? Amazing life readings for career, wealth and success, love, romance and marriage, children and happiness.

Lucky you! Brilliant predictions for your fate and fortune. The app works it out for you! Tamanho aproximado 13,14 MB. Categoria Lifestyle. Idioma suportado English United States. Submeter Cancelar. Personal Reading can be in Person, or. Book an Astrology Group Meeting. A fun way to Learn Astrology! Mallory Key is enlightening those who are ready to learn the Language of Astrology, or who are just curious about their Birth Sign and planetary aspects.

She has studied Astrology for over twelve years and completed advanced course work with professional accredited Astrologer Mr. Thomas Parsons in Smyrna, Tennessee. Mallory has studied mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. She is a Reiki master as well as a professional Musician. Disclaime r. Astrology is another modality to help develop the practice of becoming the Observer of your surroundings and emotions rather than being a reactor to conditions and situations.

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It is an Ancient Art and one that is returning to our society. Learning the Language of Astrology can help you cultivate compassion for yourself and others. November 17, Click here for more info:.

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