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Any food becomes the same once it crosses the tongue. But the importance of that momentary pleasure when it touches the tongue? People are strange indeed. Like the tongue and its slavery to the momentary taste, the other eight astrological planets stir up the emotions and minds of the people, making them forget the Self and indulge in the materialistic way of life.

But Planet Saturn stands apart from the other planets. Planet Saturn has the blessings of Lord Shiva. Planet Saturn is not appeased easily by the pleadings of the people, unlike the other planets. He stands apart, judges everyone according to their karma and past deeds and bestows accordingly. He will first tax His subjects according to their bad deeds and bless them next without fail.


Fate plays a big hand when a person is born on the day 8 or has his path number as 8. The numerology number No. When it comes as the destiny number, it provides obstacles and hurdles for the person after the age of They will earn a bad name, thorough misunderstanding, among friends and relations. But then, the number 8 provides them with great self-confidence to fight alone and fight strong.

It will show new ways, new places and new jobs for them. With their hard work, they will earn a good name and income after the age of This can be gleaned from experience. Like a teacher who corrects a straying student with scolding and detention, Lord Saturn corrects everyone towards the path of enlightenment. Hence the number 8 is the path to enlightenment. Many of the numerology number No. But their mind will always buzz with some pain or the other, like a bee in their bonnet. They say that Love is not to be found for free.

They are never satisfied; they either wish something to be better or hold on to some regret. They worry about having no children; having too many children; wife is not perfect; friends are selfish, etc. The people who mostly hate life and start orphanages, ashrams, old age homes or people who opt for living in such places are usually number 8.

There is a Tamil saying that says the eighth born girl child will cause damage wherever she goes. So people are generally afraid of the number 8, 17 and 26 and generally do not hold any auspicious events during those days. It is fate that the people born on the days 8, 17, 26, people with path number 8 and people with name number 9 suffer fall from grace and dishonor at some point in their lives. When the strength if the number is strong, the numerology number 8 will be great businessmen, wealthy landowners, and good-hearted, saviors, saints, judges, donate for humanitarian causes, ministers, professors and hold top posts.

But others will suffer from one thing or other throughout their lives. They will somehow get entangled with the wrong side of the law, murder, robbery, kidnapping, forgery, prostitution, alcoholism, gambling and betrayals. But never despair! Whatever the strength of their numbers, the numerology number 8 can rectify their problems by selecting their names based on sound numerology. By carefully crafting their names, many people have turned their lives around.

They have staunch spiritual beliefs; many of them have complete faith in God. They either support their religion strongly or hate it spiritedly. People born in Numerology Number 8 have relentless strength when it comes to seeing through their goals and dreams. Whatever hurdles and impediments they face, they keep striving.

They are somewhat stubborn. Though they look tough and hard-hearted, they are soft on the downtrodden and help anyone who asks for it. Numerology Number 8 people wish to do social service whenever they can. They also work tirelessly in their life. The people who renounce their positions, jobs, the family suddenly and take up social causes are usually name number 8. Whether it is family life or social life, their lives will be pulled hither and thither due to the effects of Saturn. Any planet which comes to the 8 th position in the astrological charts become maleficent and shower troubles to the respective Zodiac Sign.

That is why most number 8 people become great philosophers or religious guides. People are generally scared of the number 8. But it is the number of enlightenment. Even its shape denotes the symbol of Infinity, a mathematical representation of God. In reality, the number 8 is the basis for the life and progress of the people. When 8 is the Destiny number, it looks at the past Karma of a person and bestows them accordingly. Any job they undertake will be fraught with hassles and delays, but they keep fighting without losing hope and win.

They empathize with people who suffer from them; they are soft-hearted people. Most of them undertake great ground-breaking work, which they complete after huge trials and tribulations. When this number is the Life number, they will face continuous victories or continuous failures at some point in their life. But they never let it get to them and keep doing their job. They also do social work whenever they get time.

The numerology number 8 do not get the support of their relatives. They get support from other race people, foreign people, and lands. If they face continual struggles, then the time for victory is near. The number 8 looks like two 0s atop each other. Hence the success or failure of any job depends on their fate. Fear of fate is unnecessary. The good deed done today drives the fate of tomorrow.

Bad deeds are done through negligence, selfishness transforms into bad fate in the future. From ancient times men have feared the number 8 in both private and public life. On one side, the number brings the luck of the king, good heartedness, progress and fruitful hard work. But when the number is weak, it brings unrest, revolution, and crimes in the society. At times of distress, sometimes they even think about suicide, which is totally uncalled for. They are great judges, god-fearing people. The number 8 tests people through the trial of fire.

In the end, the men become pure and strong like gold. Most events in their life happen on the day 8. They never speak out their mind. Most of them experience success in their later years. Usually, they have low or no self-confidence. It is necessary for the number 8s to build their confidence.

Love and Compatibility for November 26 Zodiac

They feel alone in the entire world. Hence they are suspicious about forming relationships with others.

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By having correct names, they can overcome the failures in their life easily. Otherwise, suffering keeps coming in waves. They empathize with any fellow strugglers. If they cannot help, they direct them to places where they can get help. When the number is weak, they take up robbery, cheating, prostitution, assassination without fear.

But they do get caught and go to prison for their misdeeds. They are great judges and point out the correct ruling every time.

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They never forget their friend and enemies. They love indulging in physical activities. They value solitude. Words like fate, justice, and life keep cropping in their everyday language. Their financial situation will not be stable. They cannot enjoy any victory as it usually comes entailed with some loss or trouble. In this section, let see about characteristic and personality of Life Path Number 8, 17 and 16 destiny number 9. The numerology number 8 have strong spiritual beliefs. They will have a peaceful life.

They are highly religious. They make great economists. They are very creative and deep thinkers. They can easily manipulate others into accepting their views. They will be interested in social work. They are hard workers and achieve greatness. They lend a helping hand to the poor. They prefer to work alone.

The numerology number 17 undergo many sufferings in their lives. They work tirelessly. Somehow, in the end, they will gain glory. They are very intelligent. They are large hearted and forgive their enemies. They will reach a steady position in their private, public and political life.

Even if they are born in poverty, they work hard and attain prosperity. They are good at saving money. Some of their bold decisions might result in failure. But they can turn them around before others come to know of it. They plot great plans and execute them. They break through the troubles and difficulties that come their way with courage.

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  • The numerology number 26 suffer from financial problems. Their ancestral properties might be lost. Negative traits: One of the things Sagittarius needs to learn is that not everybody can be saved and they cannot focus on supporting and helping everyone and instead letting themselves go.

    What Your Wedding Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Future Together

    Those born on this day are at times hasty and overly assured. This behavior coupled with a reluctance to accept defeat is a recipe for failure. They are sometimes overly positive and restless. They want it all and they want it now. Lovers born on November 26 are passionate and persistent. They are very pretentious lovers who know exactly what they are looking for. Unfortunately they are not very aware of where they could find that person so they prefer to focus on other aspects of life and expect love to happen. However their love happens notion includes knowing a person thoroughly before they even start dating.

    So their love is quite a calculated and cerebral love. Intuitive and charming it is very difficult for someone to win their heart if they don't show the slightest interest. They don't settle for less than what they consider it's best for them. Otherwise they are aware of their attractiveness and this leads them to a tumultuous love life, falling in and out of love. They are persistent and courageous in a practical way so they will be a great part of their family team once they decide to settle for someone.

    They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st. November 26 Zodiac people seem to be most attracted to the other fire signs: Aries and Leo as they tend to share the same vision of life. In love, Sagittarius is in a permanent search for a lively, creative and communicative partner and the most suitable to offer them this is the native born under Gemini. The lover in Sagittarius is said to be least compatible with Scorpio.

    As for the rest of partnerships between the other star signs and Sagittarius, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Rich purple shades, the colors of royalty, seem to transfer a great sense of self confidence and elegance to the high aiming Sagittarius. The intriguing Turquoise is the sign stone for Sagittarius zodiac.

    Turquoise is the symbol of achievement and glory. It is thought to open the channels of power, communication and wealth. Other sign stones that are considered to be lucky for people born on November 26 are Topaz and Quartz. Narcissus symbolizes loyalty and honesty and is also the representative flower of the wise and trustworthy people.

    Tin reveals wisdom and progress. It is called the metal of scholars and sages. Tin is said to influence emotions and instinctual reactions. Those born on November 26 are amazing at carrying the most optimistic attitude and at having a highly developed spiritual side. Sensual and expressive, these natives know how to work their charm but are also quite demanding and difficult to keep up with. Handling finances, especially their own is their favorite thing and surely never bores them.

    Their health is quite good but since Sagittarius is thought to rule the liver, hips and thighs, they are inclined towards suffering from affections concerning the above mentioned regions. What do you believe is the luckiest thing people belonging to November 26 were being granted by mother nature?

    Here's a poll about this that you are invited to answer:. This decan is strongly influenced by the planet Jupiter. This is representative for people who are intuitive achievers just like Sagittarius and forceful and lucky just like Jupiter. This decan is said to be magnifying all characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, both positive and negative. Being born on the 26th day of the month shows efficiency, dependability, perseverance and adaptability. The numerology for November 26 is 8.

    This number reveals ambition and great power but also an embrace of the spiritual side, later in life. Those Sagittarius associated with number eight pragmatic and analytical doers in all life matters. November is the last autumn month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing a quick fall down of temperatures everywhere.

    Those born in November are brilliant and determined. November 26 Zodiac people are generous and brave.

    Born On The 26th? (Numerology Of 26)

    The symbols for November include the Citrine and Topaz as gemstones and Chrysanthemum as a plant. In a year in the Gregorian Calendar, November 26 is the th day or the st day in case of leap years and until the end of the year there are left 35 days. The eighty seventh day of autumn, this is also the Constitution Day in India. Sagittarius is placed on the tenth position on the list of birth signs occurrence. An odd number sign, this exudes masculine symbolism and is considered to be of positive and intuitive energy.

    This exemplifies extrovert people who are affable and liberal.

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    • Amongst the archetypes used to describe this sign there is the Philosopher. Sagittarius is also the sign that represents the people who earn most. Author: Denise. Lucky numbers: 2, 8, 13, 19, Motto: "I seek!