Robert cook astrologer cold spring harbor

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Robert cook astrologer cold spring harbor

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Robert Cook Astrologer Cold Spring Harbor

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    Culpeper, Nicholas. Astrological Judgment of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick. Nicholson and Sons, Culpeper, Nathanael. Cambridge: Printed by John, Bearing; and Suckling Their Children. The First Part Contains, 1. The Anatomy of the Vessels of Generation. The Formation of the Child in the Womb. What Hinders Conception, and Its Remedies. What Furthers Conception. Photograph, right, is from the book's jacket. The author's style, in this work, is a little dry for my own taste, not exactly "a good read", but the book does contain lots of useful information.

    In his preface the author begins: The objective of this volume is to summarize briefly the historical vicissitudes of astrology - which he does, and in some detail. Towards the end of the book Zolar mentions one Richard Garnett an English librarian and man of letters, eminent for his work for the British Museum library, born February 27 , his pseudonym was A. Since he Garnett was interested in astrology, he delved considerably into the tremendous stores of astrological books at the Museum and gave out a great number of old charts.

    He contributed in to the University Magazine and in some of his material was collected into a book called The Soul and the Stars. In this book Dr. Garnett stated that the people still need to be taught to regard astrology as a definitely empirical science, because the public has been told for so many years to regard the astrologer as a kind of wizard.

    He thought the best way to offset this wrong opinion that there was something occult about astrology was to compile statistical data. He himself proceeded to show how he compiled some of this material concerning the planet Mercury and its relationship both to mental ability and to mental instability.

    In spite of his very sound advice, no statistical group of any consequence was formed in England during his lifetime. Richard Garnett sounds to have been a man after my own heart! His book is now on my list of stuff "to buy". Posted by Twilight at Wednesday, March 28, Labels: astrologers , astrology , Bruce King , history , Zolar. GP: You must be aware of the work done by Gauquelin and his wife, T. Statistical evidence obtained at a time when computers did not exist, lots of hard work indeed. I am not surprised that today, with technology for that available, no-one appears interested to underpin scientifically the tenets of astrology.

    Maybe that Zolar et alia showed the way: easier to make money with astrology than to further the science. Sic transit gloria mundi - and by mundi I understand this marvelous mechanism up there in the sky. And by Lois Rodden at Astrodatabank in compiling so much valuable data. The fact that there is no clear indication of serious research going on when such sophisticated technology is available only adds fuel to the fire and cynicism of the skeptics.

    I'm very sad to say that I suspect you are right in your 2nd sentence of your 2nd paragraph. If any passing reader can prove us wrong, I'd be overjoyed to see what they have to say on the matter. As a teenager, I had Bruce King's "The Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Knowledge" - one of those catch-all books with chapters on astrology, numerology, Tarot, etc.

    Being young, I was very impressed with it. A friend and I even referred to it as "The Book", lol. In later years, however, more books became available via the net. I can see now, for instance, that Zolar's crystal gazing chapter was cobbled together from bits of "A Course of Advanced Lessons in Clairvoyance and Occult Powers" by the wonderful C. Entire passages are lifted almost word-for-word from both books. It's possible that King was under pressure from the publisher to write an "occult encyclopedia", and his astrology writings may be his own, since that was his area of expertise.

    But I wouldn't be surprised to see them someplace else, in older books. As for the current Zolar, I haven't any of his work, but at some point I intend to. Thanks for popping in to comment. He got away with it back then, it seems. No attribution or credit to the original writers, I take it. It wouldn't be so bad if he had footnotes or an introduction indicating that information had come from various sources and naming them. What a cheek!